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About Us

An Overview About the Organization

Founded in 1986, the All-Stars were the first all-student honors group organized in the 170-years history of brass bands in the United States. The All-Star Bands were formed with the vision to foster the education of brass and percussion students through the brass band medium. As a consequence, the All-Stars have become the most awarded youth brass bands in North America.

  • Students involved in The All-Star Brass Bands must receive a nomination and successfully complete an audition process. Students accepted into the organization are placed in one of two or three bands, according to the number of students in a particular season. Placement and seating is at the discretion of the Director and staff recommendations.
  • Members are nominated by their school band director, private instructor, or a veteran (alumnus) or current All-Star member. Learn more about nomination.
  • All students must be members in good standing of their school band programs.
  • Students from over 40 schools and eight Central Ohio counties currently participate in the organization from, and in 25 years of existence, over 700 students have participated as All-Stars. Some students travel two hours, one-way, to rehearse weekly.
  • While some All-Star students pursue musical careers, most continue with higher education and music as an avocation.
  • The All-Star Brass Bands have been members of the North American Brass Band Association (NABBA), established in 1983, which has member bands in Canada and the United States. NABBA is the North American equivalent of the Brass Band Associations of Great Britain, Western Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan. Dr. Aho is the former editor of the NABBA newsletter, The Bridge, and former NABBA Board Member.
  • In 2008, the All-Stars participated in the Hannaford Street Brass Festival in Toronto (exhibition) in lieu of NABBA for our annual tour.
  • In 2009, we fulfilled the opportunity of a lifetime by participating in the New York Band & Orchestra Festival with performances in Central Park and Carnegie Hall.