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Tuition structure for the 2017-2018 Season repeats the model established 4 years ago and will vary according to whether the student is a new or returning member. We provide instruments for all musicians EXCEPT Tenor Trombones who must bring their own instrument (and their tuition is reduced accordingly).  We require students to use All-Star supplied instruments with the exception of tenor trombones as noted.  A musician who owns an exceptional instrument can discuss whether Dr. Aho will permit its use in lieu of a rental instrument where sound quality is known and matched.

$455 – New Members with a rental instrument
$420 – Returning Members with a rental instrument
$410 – New Tenor Trombone Members only without instrument rental
$385 – Returning Tenor Trombone Members only without instrument rental

    • Estimated cost of tour will be announced soon
    • Tour costs can be impacted by the sponsorships & donations received – help us get funding!
    • Individual musicians can lower their tour expense through fundraising programs (optional except for scholarship recipients)

Tuition Includes:

Instrument Rental

  • All brass players, with the exception of tenor trombones (not bass trombone – we do supply that), must rent an All-Star owned instrument
  • All students are assigned a music folder.
  • Percussion students should plan to bring their sticks and mallets, but must pay the rental fees to cover the expense of our actual percussion equipment.

We have purchased extraordinary professional instruments for the bands.

The cost per year is minimal – $45 regardless of instrument.

As instruments range in replacement cost from $1,600 to $10,000, this rental fee is modest for the quality experience that each student will enjoy playing a professional instrument.

Both parents and students are asked to sign a Rental Agreement that includes a pledge to not only care and maintain the instrument to required high standards, but also to provide replacement value insurance coverage. Most homeowners insurance policies have such a facility for a nominal fee.  The replacement value for each instrument is clearly defined on the Rental Agreement.

See the All-Star Member Handbook regarding specific rules and expectations regarding repairs / damages.


  • Retreat costs are included in tuition (except for very nominal spending money for pizza and soft drinks).
  • Tuition must be paid to attend and retreats are manditory unless there is a bona fide school conflict.
  • Our retreat provides an incredible musical and social experience for members
  • Retreats are held separately for each band in January at Geneva Hills in Lancaster.
  • Retreat itineraries involve arrival on a Friday evening (usually by 7:00pm) and departure will take place on Sunday afternoon (usually by 4:00pm after tear down and packing up instruments) following a brief performance for parents.

Music Fees and Folder

Most Brass Band scores are imported from the United Kingdom, purchased from special arrangers, or in some cases, are commissioned. Therefore, the expense of music is quite high. Our library is extensive, but in some cases, scores and parts are irreplaceable.

Each student is provided a folder with their instrument parts. Students are expected to safeguard these folders and parts, should only mark parts in an erasable pencil, must always bring their music to rehearsals and performances, and upon request – hand in various pieces. At the end of the season, all folders and parts will be collected. Those students who lose their folders or any portion, will be assessed a fee commensurate with replacement costs.


All-Stars wear a standard uniform for all performances:

  • Tuition now covers the cost of a new embroidered White Oxford Shirt.
  • Uniforms should always be clean and pressed.
  • Good grooming is expected.
  • Black dress trousers with belt. Shirts must be tucked in! (Ladies – at the waist or slightly below waist only).
  • Black socks, black belt, black dress shoes.
  • We distribute silk ties before concerts and collect them immediately afterwards. Dry cleaning and other expenses are recouped from tuition.
  • We are evaluating whether we’ll return to the use of a patch.

Frequently, we include a special shirt in conjunction with our Tour (cost is covered by tour fees that are separate from tuition). Shirts are worn during our non-performance time. As available, additional shirts may be offered at a modest price to family and band members. Anyone with specific interest should let us know early so we can accommodate sizes and sufficient quantities.

Finally, we have long wished that we could have a more formal uniform to include an Insignia Blazer, as well a more formal costume. Because we are sensitive that our student members and their families are paying for All-Stars in addition to school activities, we have been hesitant to add to their financial burden. We would welcome any assistance from All-Star parents or an outside sponsor to find a way we can improve our uniform in a manner commensurate with our outstanding standards of musical excellence. We struggled with this during our last Carnegie Hall Tour in 2009 and face a similar situation for our upcoming sequel performance in June 2014.

Please contact Dr. Aho (614.562.4189 mobile).

Concert Tickets

Each All-Star receives 2 (two) complimentary tickets for each concert that can be distributed as desired (parents, grandparents, band directors).    We ask that each All-Star be responsible to sell additional tickets (a specific quantity will be decided for each season – normally 4).  Additional tickets can usually be purchased at-the-door.