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Nominations are required in order to receive a scheduled audition.  Prospective nominees should be asked beforehand to ensure their genuine interest. After nominating a student, please make the nominee(s) aware so that they can prepare for their audition and not be caught off guard when we phone or email to schedule an audition time.

All musicians must be nominated.  All-Star candidates must be nominated by one of the following:

  • School Band Director
  • Private Music Teacher
  • All-Star Veteran

Veteran All-Stars may nominate themselves, but must complete the nomination form in order to receive their audition scheduled.

For the 2017-2018 All-Star Season, the Nomination Deadline is Oct. 26th, 2017 

You may nominate as many students as desired.

Nominate via Webform

Our new webform provides the ability to nominate up to 10 (ten) students with a single submission (and you will receive an email of your nomination details as a record and reminder to notify nominees).

Complete Nomination Form

Nominate by Mailed Form

Our preferred method for nomination is by Webform (new and improved process!).  However, it is also possible to mail your nominations.

Mail your nomination forms for receipt no later than the 2017 deadline.

All-Star Brass Bands Nominations
c/o Dr. Eric Aho
25 East Mound Street
Canal Winchester, OH 43110



Upon receipt of on-time nominations, we will contact each nominee to arrange their Audition on Sunday, Nov. 5th, 2017 (conflict date Monday, Nov. 6th, 2017, by appointment with our Business Manager.)