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Scholarships are made available on a limited basis to the extent our organization can afford to those who have special financial needs.  As tuition is due the first day of rehearsal and we are no longer extending

We do not have an official application – students and parents must instead write a letter to Dr. Aho explaining the need for scholarship assistance.  All information received will remain in confidence.

The letter should be directed to Dr. Aho, and all information contained is confidential. Scholarships are normally awarded, if available, mid-January . In the meantime, monthly payments toward tuition should be made. Full scholarships are not available. The scholarship amount is typically based upon the amount of fundraising effort the student has made on their own behalf, and the number of scholarships applications received.

Recruiting Scholarships

Recruiting scholarships are also available if and when openings occur or have not been filled through the audition process. These scholarship opportunities are announced to veterans in their letter from Dr. Aho and to new members during the first rehearsal and through email to parents.

Take full advantage of this great tuition reduction opportunity.  You get $50 for every new member and $100 for tuba, euphonium, and percussion players you nominate that make the band and become members in good standing.