Celebrating Excellence
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Our Bands

The All-Stars operate a minimum of two to three age/ability based bands each season depending upon the number of students admitted to the organization.  Our bands include:

Our Staff and Summer bands are ad-hoc based on interest, available personnel, and performance opportunities.

Instrumentation for brass bands is fairly consistent, but the numbers may vary by ensemble. At the high ability end, we have limits imposed on the number of musicians who can appear on stage at any one time during some competitive arenas.

The All-Star Brass & Percussion Band (ASBP)

Comprised of advanced student musicians from grades 10 through 12 – young adult, The All-Star Brass & Percussion Band is under the Direction of founder Dr. Eric Aho

In the past, the ASBP has achieved tremendous honors and invitations:

  • Prestigious invitation as one of 4 ensembles at the 2009 New York Band & Orchestra Festival with NYC performances at the Naumberg Bandshell in Central Park and Carnegie Hall in the renown Isaac Stern Auditorium for a 30-minute concert
  • Numerous awarded NABBA performances – in adult classes
  • Highly acclaimed performance at the 2008 OMEA State Professional Conference
  • Invitation to perform in exhibition at the 2008 Hannaford Festival of Brass

ASBP rehearses on Sundays from 4:00 – 6:15 pm (allow flexibility for overruns) at our rehearsal location UALC.

The first rehearsal for the 2015-2016 season is Nov. 8.  See our Calendar.

The Junior-Varsity All-Star Brass Band (J-V)

Comprised of student musicians from grades 7 through 10.

Rehearsal is TBD

See our Calendar.

The Varsity All-Star Brass Band (Varsity)

Comprised of student musicians from grades 9 through 10, The Varsity All-Star Brass Band is under the Direction of Chad McGee

The Varsity Band rehearses on Sundays from 1:00 – 3:00 pm at our  UALC Mill Run rehearsal location.

The first rehearsal for the 2015-2016 season is November 8th.


Details TBA

Staff and Summer Bands

Staff Band….

In years past, an All-Star Staff Band has been formed for performances and competition. Not only have existing staff participated, but also key alumni.. This is an ad-hoc activity.

Summer Band…

While typically we end the All-Star Season as soon as we return from our Tour, we have in the past extended the season with an optional Summer Band. We’ve participated in summer music festivals and performances to include the Brass Band Festival in Ashland, KY, performed at the Columbus Park of Roses, Lakeside, and other events to include summer church services. The Summer Band is created when sufficient members and staff have interest and availability to continue in a more informal manner. We combine all All-Star youth and staff bands for the Summer Band and reach out to interested alumnus, as well.